Beyond the Periphery of the Skin

Marxist feminist scholar Silvia Federici’s latest book, based on a series of lectures delivered at the California Institute of Integral Studies in 2015, critically examines the role of the body under late capitalism. The book draws significantly from her earlier work Caliban and the Witch (2004), which examines the ways in which the persecution of women libelle...

Staging Black Fugitivity

Slavery’s legacies, afterlives, and remains continually haunt our present. Embedded in our political, cultural, educational, and social institutions, the specter of slavery is intimately entangled with contemporary life, functioning as an unresolvable enmity expressed toward black people. Studies of slavery within black theatre history are often relegated to the past, w...

Beauty Diplomacy

It is easy to dismiss beauty pageants as sexist or inconsequential. After all, many pageants continue to make judgments and enforce rules based on women’s body measurements, age, and marital status. Oluwakemi M. Balogun’s Beauty Diplomacy: Embodying an Emerging Nation, however, examines beauty pageants in their full complexity by recognizing aspects of pageantry that so...

You’re Dead – So What?

This book provides an empirical study of media and law enforcement bias in reporting and investigating homicides of African American women compared with their white counterparts. The author discusses the symbiotic relationship between media coverage and the response from law enforcement to victims of color, particularly when these victims are reported missing and presumed to be in danger by their loved ones.

As We Have Always Done

Leanne Betasamosake Simpson locates Indigenous political resurgence as a practice rooted in uniquely Indigenous theorizing, writing, organizing, and thinking. She makes clear that the goal of Indigenous resistance can no longer be cultural resurgence as a mechanism for inclusion in a multicultural mosaic, calling for unapologetic, place-based Indigenous alternatives to the destructive logics of the settler colonial state.

Evidence of Being

Evidence of Being is an important book that should impact the contours of Black and Queer Studies. Bost’s recuperation of the history of black gay cultural expression opens new lines of inquiry for scholars concerned with black sexuality, loss, history, and memory. Readers will find Evidence of Being moving, theoretically rich, and original.

From Angel to Office Worker

Susie S. Porter’s newest monograph, From Angel to Office Worker, Middle-Class Identity and Female Consciousness in Mexico, 1890–1950, is an important piece of scholarship that unapologetically emphasizes that women’s history is labor history and that labor history is women’s history.

Sarah Waters: Gender and Sexual Politics

In her book, Claire O’Callaghan inserts herself into the debate between essentialist feminists and queer theorists, reading Waters’ historical fiction as a model for contemporary queer and feminist interdependence.

Perceptions of Pregnancy from the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Century

“Perceptions” joins the burgeoning dialogue about how we see women’s reproductive potential and engagement as manifested both socially and culturally.

Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene

Dr. Donna J. Haraway’s book deals with our troubled Anthropocene times, full of difficulties, with economic and political tensions, and the real perspective of ecological disaster.