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Frontiers is one of the oldest and most respected feminist journals in the United States. Frontiers retains its original commitment to a broad mix of scholarly work, personal essays, and the arts and to multicultural and interdisciplinary perspectives offered in accessible language. The cross-disciplinary and culturally diverse nature of the journal’s feminist content makes it an ideal source of women’s history, cultural theory, literature, essays, art, criticism, and pedagogical approaches.

Volume 42, Issue 1 Black Performance

This special volume seeks to engage the diversity of voices that explore Black lives and Black stories via the live and recorded mediums of theater, film, and video. Of central concern to these texts is the investigation of Black identities through the lenses of Black feminism, queer theory, love and desire, family, class, labor, land and geography, economics, forms of mobility and passing, and historic and contemporary structures of racism. An investigation into the performance of Blackness—feeling, knowing, presence, sensation, voice, time...