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Frontiers is one of the oldest and most respected feminist journals in the United States. Frontiers retains its original commitment to a broad mix of scholarly work, personal essays, and the arts and to multicultural and interdisciplinary perspectives offered in accessible language. The cross-disciplinary and culturally diverse nature of the journal’s feminist content makes it an ideal source of women’s history, cultural theory, literature, essays, art, criticism, and pedagogical approaches.

Volume 41, Issue 3 Staging Feminist Futures

Theater exists in a temporally contested state, a space where past, present, and future collide to such a degree that new temporal and world-making imaginaries can emerge. While theatrical performance revels in a lively present-moment communion between performers and audience members, the enacted stories and their words are hauntings from the past.1 Artistic traditions, aesthetics, and shapes of characters breathed to life offer spectators a colorful pastiche through which to sift for reflections of their own lives. The constant patterning o...