K. Allison Hammer

Frontiers Augmented highlights selected authors from our issues to create a means for deeper engagement with the content published in the...
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Staging Black Fugitivity

Slavery’s legacies, afterlives, and remains continually haunt our present. Embedded in our political, cultural, educational, and social institutions, the specter...
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Staging Black Fugitivity

A Frontiers Conversation in the aftermath of the Atlanta Shootings

A conversation between Frontiers co-editors Kimberly M. Jew and Darius Bost in the aftermath of the March 16, 2021 Atlanta...
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A Frontiers Conversation in the aftermath of the Atlanta Shootings

Embracing Emerging Visions of Dynamic and Unsettled "Feminist Frontiers"

We seek to advance feminist investigations and expressions into the 21st century. Frontiers -- as a term or topic of analysis -- envokes differing memories, figurations, affects and emotions.

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Frontiers encourages general submissions in all areas of women's studies that explore the diversity of women's lives as shaped by such factors as race, ethnicity, class, dis/ability, sexuality, and place.

Volume 42, Issue 1 Black Performance

This special volume seeks to engage the diversity of voices that explore Black lives and Black stories via the live and recorded mediums of theater, film, and video. Of central concern to these texts is the investigation of Black identities through the lenses of Black feminism, queer theory, love and desire, family, class, labor, land and geography, economics, forms of mobility and passing, and historic and contemporary structures of racism. An investigation into the performance of Blackness—...

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Frontiers Augmented is designed to pull the ear of the listener towards new or previously peripheral ideas. Augmented offers a place for deeper engagement with content published in the journal by featuring author interviews and artist perspectives and also provides new online-only content in the form of peer-reviewed Book Reviews, Online Colloquia, and Podcasts.

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