Frontiers is pleased to present a special online issue addressing gender politics in Iran in the last forty years following the 1979 Iran Revolution. As our inaugural special online issue on the virtual platform Frontiers Augmented, it offers a timely conversation and space to engage deeper with sophisticated feminist scholarship and teaching tools that address current global struggles.

A special shout out to Kaya Celeste Aman, at the University of Utah for her techno magic by developing a beautiful online issue for the journal.

A statement from the Special Editors:

“We have co-edited a special issue on gender politics in Iran in relation to both the 1979 Revolution and to contemporary struggles. We share this collection of essays, art, and creative writing in the spirit of international solidarity for all oppressed peoples globally in struggles for justice against dispossession in all its forms. This is particularly important now, given that the United States is in the middle of an uprising against racial terror and for Black life, while simultaneously in Iran, widespread shock, pain, and outrage has also met the killings of Asieh Panahi, a poor woman who was killed defending her home from demolition, and Romina Ashrafi, a fourteen-year-old girl murdered by her father for her relationship with a man. The work gathered here offers some reflections on gender justice struggles in Iran, but we ultimately hope these reflections push people to continue ongoing uprisings for justice wherever they are in the world.”

Alborz Ghandehari and Azadeh Tajpour
June 11, 2020

You can access 41.1A under Frontiers Augmented, our archive of issues or here

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