Speak the Lessons and Outlast All Haters! Asian American Women and Higher Ed Leadership

Factually, there are bars I must live under that other leaders do not. To lead as a woman of color means the guarantee that people belittle you no matter your pedigree, undermine you no matter your expertise and preparation, invalidate you no matter your beyond exceptional productivity. Yet the thing to do is not give them time nor regard nor dwelling in the house of yo...

Announcement: New Co-Editor Debjani Chakravarty

We announce that Professor Kimberly Jew is stepping down from the role of Co-Editor after 5 years at the journal. Among her many contributions to Frontiers are two special issues that she edited: Black Performance and Staging Feminist Futures. Dr. Jew also wrote numerous memorable editori...

Book Review: Glitch Feminism & Wild Things in Conversation

Glitch Feminism: A Manifesto by Legacy Russell and Wild Things: The Disorder of Desire by Professor Jack Halberstam are two texts that you would not initially draw comparisons between. Russell’s primary f...

A Frontiers Conversation in the aftermath of the Atlanta Shootings

A conversation between Frontiers co-editors Kimberly M. Jew and Darius Bost in the aftermath of the March 16, 2021 Atlanta shootings that left 8 people dead, 6 of them Asian women. 


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The Making of The Celine Archive Movie

Editor's Note: In celebration of Filipinx American History Month, scholar and filmmaker Celine Parreñas Shimizu discusses her new film, The Celine Archive, set for international release October 15th


Hot off the Press: Volume 41 Issue 2

The Frontiers Editorial Collective invite you to our most recent issue 41.2.

"This issue includes individual papers with two curated conversations: a round-table, "Staging Feminist Futures," and a colloquium, "Sowing the Seeds: Decolonial Practices and Pedagogies....

Gender Politics in Iran and the Last Forty Years: Eleven Stories

Frontiers is pleased to present a special online issue addressing gender politics in Iran in the last forty years following the 1979 Iran Revolution.

Announcement: New Co-Editor Darius Bost

2020 marks change at Frontiers, a Women Studies Journal. It is an honor to introduce a new partnership in the Frontiers Editorial Collective, Professor Darius Bost.

“World”-Making and “World”-Travelling with Decolonial Feminisms and Women of Color

Guest Editors: Wanda Alarcón, Dalida María Benfield, Annie Isabel Fukushima, Marcelle Maese

Reproductive Justice and Health

Reproductive justice health remains a top priority globally and requires proactive involvement, voice, protest, leadership, policy advocacy, research and scholarship to activate and maintain reproductive health access, information, and rights.