Volume 44, Issue 1 Special Section on Pandemic Time

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This issue—consisting of general essays and a special section on “Pandemic Time”—addresses in various ways the politics of knowledge production. From former President Trump’s promotion of “alternative facts” that continue to pose a threat to US democracy to the post-pandemic “misinformation” that has impacted health outcomes, the politics of knowledge production and distortion has become a pressing political matter. Feminist scholars have made significant contributions to the politics of knowledge production in times of crisis, and this issue continues this important work. The special section, “Pandemic Time,” continues the issue’s emphasis on the politics of knowledge production by engaging the question, how has the coronavirus pandemic altered our perceptions of time? The scholars and artists included in this special section draw from feminist, queer, Indigenous, Black diasporic, Latinx, and other epistemologies to challenge universalist conceptions of time.