Volume 39, Number 2: Mapping Gendered Violence

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While the current local and global crises may be triggering a new wave of domestic and societal violence, this special issue of Frontiersseeks to explore institutional, structural, and gendered forms of violence as well as instances of the silenced “Other” within the modern nation-state, globalization, and respective ideologies of hegemony and power. In the process of silencing and othering, a framing of practices and conditions that further shape inequalities and marginalizations emerges. The proliferation of nationalist accounts and discourses of supremacy in many contemporary societies underscores the contingency of understanding the extent to which gendered and state violence continue to multiply. By examining these modalities, this themed special issue proposes fresh critiques, reimaginations, and new visions of understanding gendered violence in societal relations while opening a dialogue about agency, social justice, and social ties in addressing reactive trends, critical trajectories, political projects, and activist solidarities.