Volume 43, Issue 1

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This issue includes individual essays and poetry that speak to violence at multiple scales, women’s representation in film, and reproductive justice struggles. The range of concerns addressed in this volume speak to the myriad, overlapping issues affecting our contemporary social world. If there is one through-line that runs through this issue, it is caution. Whether it is caution regarding the compromises that activists and advocates make in arguing for comprehensive sex education and long-term contraception, caution about normative practices of reading film, or caution concerning how we use public testimony in struggles against sexual violence, the authors in this issue ask us to pause, and to think again about our tactics and strategies for feminist world-making. News cycles and social media threads move so quickly from one issue to another, and the abundance of social issues affecting our contemporary landscape demand justice now. But these authors ask us to turn back to that which we might have only glanced at, to the things we thought we knew, and to look (and think) again.