A Frontiers Conversation on the aftermath of the Atlanta Shootings

A conversation between Frontiers co-editors Kimberly M. Jew and Darius Bost on the aftermath of the March 16, 2021 Atlanta shootings that left 8 people dead, 6 of them Asian women. 


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Staging Feminist Futures

Frontiers Augmented highlights selected authors from our issues to create a means for deeper engagement with the content published in the Frontiers Journal. The most recent issue, Staging Feminist Futures 41.3, a special issue edited by Frontiers Co-Editor Kimberly M. Jew, ...

Thinking, Talking, Writing Collectively

An Approach to Decolonial Feminist Praxis and Pedagogy

Frontiers is pleased to present Krista Benson, April Petillo, Shy Pacheco Hamilton, and Maia Butler, the authors of “A Hopeful Decolonial Rhizome: An Invitation” (Frontiers 41.2), as they describe their individual and collective contributions to the collo...

The Making of The Celine Archive Movie

Editor's Note: In celebration of Filipinx American History Month, scholar and filmmaker Celine Parreñas Shimizu discusses her new film, The Celine Archive, set for international release October 15th


Hot off the Press: Volume 41 Issue 2

The Frontiers Editorial Collective invite you to our most recent issue 41.2.

"This issue includes individual papers with two curated conversations: a round-table, "Staging Feminist Futures," and a colloquium, "Sowing the Seeds: Decolonial Practices and Pedagogies....